Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Filipino athlete become a member of the National Athletics Team?

Any athlete legally considered as Filipino may be considered to become a member of the Philippine National Athletics Team. The minimum performance requirement is equaling or even surpassing the bronze medal performance of an Athletics event in consideration, from the most recent Southeast Asian Games. The prospective athlete’s performance should have been achieved in the Philippines in any competition sanctioned by PATAFA. However, satisfying the performance requirement does not necessarily guarantee outright inclusion into the Philippine Team.

Can a Filipino-foreign athlete become a member of the National Athletics Team?

Filipino-foreign athletes (either parent is a Filipino at the time of the athlete’s birth) aiming to be part of the Philippine National Team must first secure a Philippine passport. For information to acquire a Philippine passport, the prospective athletes need to contact the nearest Philippine consulate or embassy in their area.

Are there tryouts for those who aspire to become members of the National Athletics Team?

Technically, PATAFA does not conduct try-outs for athletes interested to be part of the Philippine Team. However, as referred to in #1, a competition sanctioned by the federation may be used as an occasion to measure up performance capability vis-à-vis the performance standard. Further, the federation holds annually its National Open where athletes of varying levels of ability compete. This is another opportunity for prospecting athletes to be considered for the national team.

How is the selection of members of the National Athletics Team conducted?

Apart from the abovementioned, the selection of national team members goes through the process of recommendation from the National Coaching staff to the PATAFA Executive Committee which will subsequently, after evaluation of the recommendation, forward the approved new lineup of national athletics team and training pool to the Philippine Sports Commission for necessary approval and eventual inclusion into the National Team roster. The coaches’ recommendations are normally based on exceptional performances of the identified athlete in, but not limited to, local Athletics competitions. A recommended athlete who is deemed exceptional but has not yet equaled or surpassed the most recent SEA Games bronze medal performance in a relevant Athletics discipline may instead be assigned into the national training pool.

Can foreign nationals become members of the National Athletics Coaching Staff?

Staffing within the National Athletics coaching team is fully dependent upon the manpower complement limit set by the Philippine Sports Commission. However, upon recommendation of PATAFA based on exceptional circumstance (e.g., Fil-foreign athlete will be based for training outside the Philippines such as in the US) and extraordinary qualification (e.g., former Olympian, coached or handled an Olympian, authored a book, or any similar achievement), a foreign coach may be hired for a specific period of engagement to augment the number of coaching staff for Athletics.

Does PATAFA have a training program for individuals who wish to become accredited technical officials?

Similar to the curriculum for accreditation of local Athletics coaches, PATAFA has also a program for individuals aspiring to obtain a standardized training for technical officiating or get accredited as an Athletics technical official. This program is denoted in the National Technical Officiating Course (NTO) conducted annually by the federation. The NTO Course aims to provide participants with the theoretical and practical training required to make them capable of officiating at national level competitions and at international competitions held within the Philippines.

The goal of the course is to improve the level of athletics officiating in the country, which means: (a) creating a basic level of officiating skills where nothing or only a grass roots situation exists, and (b) improving the level of officiating skills where a system is already in place.For specific details about the program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Can particular organizations get accreditation from PATAFA?

PATAFA does not have any mandate to accredit any organization. However, groups or entities such as clubs, teams, leagues, institutions, consortiums, coalitions, aggregations, etc. may seek membership into the federation by submitting pertinent requirements such as applicable fees, duly filled out application form, copy of SEC registration, and other documents as may be required by PATAFA.

Can PATAFA recommend a member of the national Athletics coaching staff to provide coaching to private individuals?

Principally, PATAFA cannot recommend any of its national coaching staff for private coaching as they are officially rostered to coach high-performance and elite level athletes who are members of the Philippine National Athletics Team and training pool. As an alternative, the federation has a database of accredited local Athletics coaches, based on area of residence, where qualified coaches may be drawn from for recommendation. Concerned parties may get in touch with PATAFA for relevant inquiries.

Does PATAFA have Athletics clinics for aspiring athletes especially children and youth?

Presently, PATAFA is in the process in drawing up schemes and initiatives to address this intent. The federation will come up with relevant announcements using its website and Facebook page.