About Patafa

Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA), Inc.

Formerly known as Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association was established on December 14, 1962 as a non stock corporation.​The primary objective of the association shall be to promote track and field as an amateur sport, organize and/or Technical Management for any Athletics events.​To provide Technical Management Assistance to all Athletics events. To provide Technical Officials accredited by the PATAFA. To provide Manpower/Marshals. To provide Results Processing for Overall Results.

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Through a mass-based Athletics program, raise the profile and popularity of athletics thus increasing the number of athletes who have the potential to achieve world levels of excellence.


Unite all stakeholders in the Philippines and overseas to work for the attainment of the vision and mission. Raise the resources to achieve the vision and mission Formulate creative and innovative ways to attract popular support for Athletics.


Support every PATAFA athlete with financial, technical, human and other resources such as coaches, nutrition and strength and conditioning programs and sports psychologists from June 2106 onward with a starting budget of Php 2 million per month. Raise Php 100 million annually for grassroots, talent identification, research and data banking, support of developmental pool, coaching accreditation and training, training and support of regional coaching centers and commissioning of foreign and local coaches for elite and grassroots programs and overseas study tours for technical matters and events and facilities management. For our athletes to achieve levels of excellence in the SEA Games, Asian Games, Olympics and continental and world champions within three years from June 2016.


Maximize the involvement of the country’s biggest resource: its young population. Formulate a business model that is consistently and continuously leverage on the strategy of shared value, that is, assisting a social and national concern should create value and competitive advantage for the private sector and industry as, for example, in the use of private sector public assembly and sports facilities. For the short and near term (2016-2019), fully support elite athletes with strong prospects for international excellence to serve as role models and Athletics ambassadors and ambassadresses and to create the needed critical mass of success and attract attention. For the long term (2020 and beyond), strengthen and institutionalization of the synergy between the grassroots and elite levels of sports; between government and the private sector and industry; and the PATAFA. Involve all experts and relevant constituencies in formulating the elite athletes’ development plan. Develop creative and innovative ways of maximizing the commercial value of Athletics within defined standards. Formulate a comprehensive scientific program of talent identification that will also serve to nurture and care for athletes during their post-Athletics career stages. Further strengthen PATAFA as a transparent, accountable, professionally managed and organized, value-driven, caring and not-for-profit organization that lives out key core values. Strengthen PATAFA expertise and intensify involvement in coaching accreditation and events management and technical officiating. Assist authorities in restoring the proper role of Physical Education (PE), in accordance with the accepted international standards, in the holistic development of the youth and to provide inputs in the formulation of a revised PE and school sports program.