Welcome to Computer classes at Assumption ECC! I’m Miss O’Shea and I started teaching Computer classes at Assumption in September of 2001 (wow, THAT was a long time ago!)  I’m excited for another year of websites, typing lessons and overall fun!

Technology integration

I have been attending monthly technology integration workshops at the Archdiocesan Center in Newark. I’ve really enjoyed learning new ideas and I am happy to share those ideas with our students!

The PreK-3 students recently did a project using augmented reality!  Their pictures came to life!


What can you do to help at home?  Our students have weekly 30 minute computer classes (PreK-4/K’s class is 45 minutes.)  That’s a long time!  Have your child practice sitting at your home computer for as long as possible, using a mouse.  It’s tough to coordinate those fine motor skills and manipulate the mouse, but we always manage to get there!

Teaching mouse skills to the “tablet generation!”


Many parents will come to me and say, “Oh my child will be fine in Computer class, he/she is a whiz on the iPad!”  Using a mouse is a very different “animal” than using a touch pad screen!  If you have a desktop PC at home (or a laptop that you can connect a mouse to), please let students try at home. has great learning games (including a paint program that is similar to the one we use here on KidPix.)

Students in Pre-K 3 integrating technology with classroom learning (Spanish) by drawing images of their Spanish food vocabulary!  Students in PreK-4 work in differentiated groups.  The “project group” works on illustrating their Spanish alphabet vocabulary words as well as typing names and other letters, while the others focus on getting their skills strong enough to move into project-based work.  Any questions – please feel free to e-mail me!