Principal: Miss S. Jurevich

Pastor: Rev. Paul Cannariato


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Pre-K 2 year old program

Teacher: Miss A. Hunken
Aides: Mrs. B.Bonte, Mrs J. Woods

Pre-K 3 year old program

Teacher: Mrs.A. Collins
Aide: Mrs.M.Herr

Pre-K 3 year old program

Teacher: Mrs.G.Vicente
Aide: Mrs. G. Henriquez


Pre-K 4 year old program

Teacher: Miss M. Skorka
Aides: Mrs. M. Brendel


Teacher: Mrs.M. Pacella
Aide: Mrs.J.Jones


Special Subjects

Computers/Technology, Spanish & Physical Education: Miss P. O’Shea

Art: Mrs. M. Alameda

Music: Mrs. L. Willkens



Secretary: Mrs.J. Connell

Nurse: Mrs. S. D’Angelo

Before/Aftercare Supervisor: Mrs.L. LaGratta

Hot Lunch Supervisor: Mrs.L. LaGratta