Dear Assumption ECC Families:

August is here and parents are now preparing for the new school year! Doesn’t it seem like the summers go by more quickly each year? The teachers and I will see you at Orientation…Aug.25th for PreK4s, Aug.28th for PreK2s, Aug.29th for PreK3s and Aug.30th for Kindergarten. Orientations start at 8:30am and will conclude by 10:00am. Please come right into the school via the cafe red door (near the parking lot). Please make sure to pick up your KidStuff Coupon Book as well!

Everyone should have received their informational packets…if you do not receive a packet, please call us. The entire staff of Assumption ECC is looking forward to a great 2017-2018 school year! Please know that we are here to make your child’s educational journey one that is happy, productive and faith-filled!



Take Care,

Miss Jurevich






Dear Parents…

Informational packets have been mailed home. Everything that you need for the new school year is enclosed!

See you at Orientation! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

On Orientation Day, you will receive a KidStuff (coupon) Book….first fundraiser of the year! The cost is $25.00 per book. Please support this fundraiser!

Start marking off September 29th on your calendars…POCKETBOOK BINGO NIGHT! Should be great fun!!!!

If you know anyone that is still looking for a preschool for their child, please tell them to call us at 201-262-0300 for a tour.


Support Our School!


An easy way to help us with our annual fundraising goal is to collect & submit the following….Box Tops for Education only…Labels for Education will be ending their program for good on 6/2017. Shoparoo is a NEW addition to our fundraising! Scan your receipts…points turn into funds for the school! Join the parents who are already helping to make Shoparoo a strong fundraiser for our school. Thank you for all that you do to support our programs….every little bit counts! Have a nice summer…keep collecting over the summer!

All monies raised goes directly back into our school.

Your weather just got better.